Computer Repair

Computers need regular maintenance. Hardware needs to be inspected for swollen capacitors which can be a sign of age or heat damage. Fan basins should be inspected and cleaned out on a regular basis. Especially if there are cats and dogs in the house. Installed software needs to be evaluated to see if any infections have slipped through and temporary files and registry errors need to be cleaned up. On-Site Louisville Computer Repair Co. offers an annual preventative

Common Desktop Computer Repairs
Power Supply Failure

One very common desktop computer repair that we perform on a regular basis is power supply replacement. Whereas laptops use an adapter power supply that is portable a desktop computer has a power supply that is built in. Desktop power supply have an output range from 200 watts to almost 2000 watts depending on the system. If you return to your computer after a period of time and the power button no longer works you might need your power supply replaced.

Heat Related Computer Repair

Computers create lots of heat. In fact, I would argue this might be the single biggest culprit of computer hardware problems. The motherboard and case architecture are both created to maximize airflow; however, often computer components don’t get enough airflow to stay cool enough. Also actually room temperature really affects core computer temperatures. Computers in hot rooms and under desks often do not get the airflow they need to stay cool. Over time debris also built up in fans can cause the machine to overheat further.