Virus Removal

One evening as you casually check your e-mails, you find a particular e-mail from a stranger with a very catchy subject line. You open the email and find in it something that seems important, an attachment or a link, which you are asked to download or click on. You are not sure whether you would like to do it, but curiosity gets the better of you and you do what is asked. Nothing happens and you delete the message dismissing it as spam. However, a problem has taken root; unaware you have downloaded a virus! This virus, in a course of time may destroy the files on your PC, your drivers, software and even steal your personal and financial information.

Every year, thousands of computer users face this exact situation. Apart from the time and money lost in getting your computer back in shape, it also adds stress to the lives of many. From the early 1970s, when the first virus was detected (The Creeper Virus) right up to today and the recent outbreak of the FBI MoneyPak Infection, computer viruses have grown in numbers. Every year, hundreds and thousands of new viruses are created and spread through the internet. While most of these viruses may not cause any damage to your computers, a few among them can give you some sleepless nights! And with internet criminals raking in millions of dollars in fruadulant fees — they are not going away any time soon.